Data Cleansing Services

The Integrated Solution for Cleansing data and Data Quality.

About Data Cleansing Services

Organizations are in constant need to get rid of the old and incomplete data from their contact database to stay competent and updated. But often the task is difficult and time-consuming because of which the cleaning work is either ignored or overlooked leading to accumulation of outdated information hindering business communications. To make cleaning of data a seamless experience for companies, we at Edataprime has come up with our highly dynamic and robust Data Cleaning Services that never lets your data repository gets affected by time.

While businesses focus on developing effective strategies and executions of their plans, our team works on their behalf to classify, replace, organize, modify, format, and delete information available across various fields in your database. We help you in rectifying data irregularities so that you can utilize correct customer details in channeling targeted sales and direct marketing campaigns on multiple platforms.

Our Marketing data will have fields like

  • Identification and removal of duplicate data
  • Revision of irrelevant, missing, invalid, corrupt or incomplete records
  • Data Auditing, cleansing, and aggregation
  • Filling in missing details like name, date of birth, postal codes, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Enrich existing database with new variables
  • Data matching and correlating across many fields
  • Consolidation and interlinking of data from multiple sources
  • Rectification of spelling mistakes, typo errors, and abbreviations

Benefits Of Data’s Scrubbing /Cleansing:

  • We ensure accurate, complete, and up-to-date data.
  • Eradicate duplication and provide fresh and quality data.
  • Help you launch effective and successful marketing campaigns.
  • We help you to boost sales and to build stronger as well as more money-making customer relationships.
  • We provide services at affordable prices.
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